In the North America, Valeo’s four Business Groups are operating to deliver its customers a wide range of high-quality and high-technology products.

Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems

Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group develops interface systems between the driver, the vehicle and the environment to promote smart and intuitive driving.

The Business Group focuses on intuitive driving, with four complementary priorities: easy, ergonomic interaction with the vehicle and the driver, driving agility with better visibility of the surrounding environment, connectivity, and safe, personalized access.

In North America, Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group has two research and development centers in Hudson, NH. for the Radar Systems Product Group and Troy, Mich. and two production sites in Rio Bravo for Driving Assistance, Interior Controls and Interior Electronics Product Groups and Toluca, Mexico for Interior Controls and Interior Electronics.

Key Market Innovations:

  • Back-over Protection System - Back-over Protection System to better help avoiding accidents while reversing the car. The system combines the strength of ultrasonic park assist sensors and an intelligent rear camera. The Back-over Protection System for the first time offers an active fusion of ultrasonic sensors and a rear camera. This increases safety during reversing maneuvers as the driver can be alerted sooner and faster than by either of the systems or even a simple combination of both.
  • SCALA Laser Scanner
  • SCALA Laser Scanner - The Valeo SCALA Laser Scanner is one of the key sensors for enhanced Active Safety and Automated Driving. It offers a unique combination of range (200m), wide horizontal field of view (145°) and accuracy (1/4° horizontal). It is a compact infrared laser scanner which is safe for human eyes. It detects objects and measures distances using time-of-flight of emitted and detected IR laser pulses. Scala takes 25 scans per seconds and has 581 laser pulses per scan which allows it to have real time data for accurate detection.the sensor has an operating range of -40 c to +95 c. It also has a front screen heating feature to discourage snow accumulation.

Powertrain Systems

Powertrain Systems Business Group develops innovative powertrain solutions aimed at reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without compromising on the pleasure and dynamics of driving.

These innovations cover a complete product range, from the optimization of internal combustion engines to the varying degrees of electrification of vehicles, from stop-start systems to the electric car.

Valeo Powertrain Systems Business Group in North America has a is located business development and research and development center in Troy, Mich. and a production site and development center in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Key Market Innovations:

    i-StARS - Valeo’s i-StARS
  • i-StARS - Valeo’s i-StARS, which stands for integrated Starter Alternator Reversible System, is a stop-start system based on a combined starter-alternator solution replacing the conventional alternator. Similar to an alternator, it is linked to the crankshaft through the belt drive. i-StARS enables the combustion engine to shut off when the driver begins to brake and the vehicle has dropped below a preset speed.
  • Re-Starter - Valeo’s ReStart system
  • Re-Starter - Valeo’s ReStart system is the second solution in the company’s range of stop-start innovations. This reinforced starter provides the extra durability needed for repeated stopping and starting when the vehicle comes to a complete standstill. ReStart has minimal impact on engine architecture and can be applied to a variety of engine types and displacements.

Thermal Systems

Thermal Systems Business Group develops and manufactures systems, modules and components to ensure thermal energy management of the powertrain and comfort for each passenger, during all phases of vehicle use.

These systems help to significantly reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and other pollutants and harmful particles from vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines. They also increase travel range and battery life for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Valeo Thermal Systems Business Group North American headquarters are located in Auburn Hills, Mich., USA. The Business Group operates 10 regional production facilities:

  • Canton, Miss. - Front End Modules product Group;
  • Dallas, Texas - Compressors Product Group;
  • Greensburg, Ind. - Powertrain Thermal Systems Product Group;
  • Hamilton, Ohio - Climate Control Systems Product Group;
  • Highland Park, Mich. - Front End Modules Product Group;
  • Romulus, Mich. - Climate Control Systems Product Group (Detroit Thermal Systems);
  • Smyrna, Tenn. - Front End Modules Product Group;
  • San Luis Potosi – Compressors Product Group
  • San Luis Potosí – Radiators and condensers Product Group
  • Toluca, Mexico - Climate Control Systems Product Group

Valeo Thermal Systems North America has two research and development centers in Auburn Hills and Highland Park, Mich., USA.

Key Market Innovations:

    Air Intake Module
  • Air Intake Module - Valeo’s compact Air Intake Module (AIM) uses a highly effective fluid coolant heat exchanger integrated into the intake manifold to minimize air pressure losses and reduce turbo lag during acceleration. The Valeo AIM not only accommodates the throttle body and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves produced by Valeo Powertrain Systems, it also provides vehicle manufacturers with additional packaging space and flexibility under the hood.
  • Themis Valve
  • Themis Valve - Valeo’s Themis Valve is an innovation in thermal management for vehicles with internal combustion engines. This three-way valve enables the balanced and intelligent management of the cooling system and also the precise control of the engine temperature. The Themis valve generates savings of up to 3% in fuel consumption and reduces pollutant emissions such as CO2 and hydrocarbons by up to 10%, thanks to its dual functionality.

Visibility Systems

Visibility Systems Business Group designs and produces efficient and innovative systems enhancing driver visibility, day and night, for safer vehicle operation.

The Visibility Systems Business Group is divided in two Product Groups:

  • Wiper Systems, with a research and development center located in Troy, Mich. and a production site and research and development center in Juarez, Mexico.
  • Lighting Systems, with research and development and production located in Seymour, Ind. and two production sites in Queretaro, Mexico.

Key Market Innovations:

  • VisioBlade® - Valeo’s award-winning VisioBlade wiper system delivers fluid directly ahead of the sweeping blade surface through channels and holes integrated to the blade. This allows nearly unobstructed vision of the road during window surface cleaning, while reducing the amount of required fluid by half.
  • FullLED Headlights - The brand new 2014 Cadillac Escalade features Valeo FullLED headlights. LED lighting systems make it possible to differentiate headlight styling more sharply and create a specific visual signature for a particular brand or model. In addition, the lower electrical consumption of LED systems improves a vehicle’s overall energy performance. LED lighting is twice as efficient as xenon and five times as efficient as halogen. For equivalent lighting, LED low beams consume only 12W, whereas halogen bulbs consume 65W. Given these figures, a vehicle with all-LED cabin and exterior lighting would emit 2.8 grams per kilometer less CO2 than a car with conventional bulbs.