Valeo acquires Blackstone, an American firm specializing in engine cooling with facilities in the United States, Mexico and Canada and European subsidiaries in Sweden, Italy and Spain. The Blackstone name was official changed to Valeo Engine Cooling on Oct. 1, 1990.

Queretaro VFM production site inauguration.


Valeo Climate Control production site inauguration in Toluca.


Valeo Climate Control and Valeo Electrical Systems begin operations in San Luis Potosi, in December 1994.


Inauguration of the Valeo Wiper Systems production site in San Luis Potosí.

Valeo Sylvania (lighting systems) started operations in Querétaro.


Valeo acquired ITT Automotive: the plant in Ciudad Juárez becomes Valeo Wiper Systems and the plant in Río Bravo Valeo Switches and Detection Systems.


Valeo starts to produce alternators and starters in Valeo Electrical Systems in San Luis Potosí.


Valeo Wiper Systems plant in San Luis Potosi receives the 2002 Business Week/Architectural Record Award. It is one of eleven international winners of this award, which recognizes the achievement of business goals through architectural design. Out of the 164 entries submitted, Valeo’s plant was the only industrial project to be honored.


Valeo Transmissions site in Querétaro installs hybrid furnaces that use both electricity and natural gas in order to reduce its dependency on these energy sources and to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


Valeo Engine Cooling site in San Luis Potosi receives Volkswagen Awards for Excellence in Development and Entrepreneurial Achievement.


Valeo opens a 21,000-square-meter production plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, dedicated to new automatic transmissions.

General Motors awards its Best Supplier of the Year title to the Transmission Systems site in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


The compressor activity started in July inside the Valeo Wiper Systems San Luis Potosi Plant.


Valeo Comfort and Drive Assistance site in Rio Bravo ships its 2 millionth radar sensor in April.


2013: Valeo’s Rio Bravo facility inaugurates new 10,400 m²

Valeo’s Rio Bravo facility inaugurates new 10,400 m² (112,000 square feet) production and office space on July 23, 2013